Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wi-fi Watering Holes: Lollicup on Sawtelle

This is on the northern end of the Japanese retail neighborhood between Olympic and Santa Monica. It's in a mini-mall on the east side of the street, at Sawtelle and La Grange.

Pluses: Fun neighborhood. Near the Nuart. Good boba (although sometimes the boba are a bit powdery). Large selection on the menu, including lavender milk tea boba. Strong signal (I'm posting this while I'm there). Clean. Open late. Has the usual cards and board games. Friendly service.

Minuses: No easily accessible outlets (although the manager offered to get me a powerstrip when he saw me on the laptop). This afternoon, the place was busy, and the front counter forgot my drink order until I approached them with my receipt asking about it.

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