Sunday, June 04, 2006

Wi-Fi Watering Holes: Coffee Attic

Yes, this is the second WFWH that I visited yesterday. This one is down in Redondo Beach, near Amy's workplace (she was working that day; we met that evening, went to Fry's, and then had dinner at LA Food Show.)

Pluses: The Cinnamon Oblivion latte is very good. They offer any of their many free-trade teas iced. Generous electrical outlets. The chairs are comfortable (something many WFWHs screw up on). The place is neat and clean. The atmosphere is cheery.

Minuses: The cafe's Website needs to be updated. It not only states that the cafe serves boba (aka bubble tea), it features an entire article on the history of the beverage. Yet the cafe no longer serves that Taiwanese treat. Also, the place is smaller than it looks in the fisheye-lens photo on the home page.

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