Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wi-Fi Watering Hole: Small Town Coffee Company in Kapaa, Hawaii

This was one of two wi-fi coffee places within walking distance of our resort in downtown Kapaa on Kauai; but it was the one that had (a) better drinks; (b) better hours; and (c) free wi-fi.

We never ended up using the wi-fi, because our resort room had a high-speed connection (and later in the vacation my wrist prevented me from picking up the laptop and taking it there); but it was good to know it was there.

In addition to terrific espresso drinks, it featured a "fou fou steamer": Steamed milk with syrup flavoring. I didn't have one, but Amy and Helen did, and pronounced them delicious.

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Plus, the place had that cool bohemian coffee place vibe -- as shown by the floors, carpeted with old Japanese newspapers:

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