Saturday, February 16, 2008

LA Times Obit: Cigar-Smoking Ducks and Gun-Toting Elves

Steve Gerber, 60; comic-book writer created Howard the Duck - Los Angeles Times

Yesterday, the LA Times published this well-done obituary of Steve Gerber.  In recent years, the Times has done a good job of posting obits for comic-book creators who pass away.  To my recollection, when each of Superman's two creators died, their deaths were not noted in the Times.

The photo is credited to Alan Light, who started in publishing with THE BUYER'S GUIDE TO COMICS FANDOM in the seventies, and then went on to fame and fortune as editor-in-chief for Spin Magazine.  THE BUYER'S GUIDE survives to this day as the COMIC BUYER'S GUIDE.

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