Thursday, February 21, 2008

What? What are You Denying? What Did They Accuse You Of?

I was listening to Morning Edition on KRCW at 6 this a.m. when the station broke into the program with John McCain's press conference, already in progress. "I'm very disappointed in the New York Times," said McCain in his reedy voice. "Why?" I thought. Did they screw up his delivery? Did he finally realize that the Times has never carried comics strips? The story is untrue, he continued. "What story?" I screamed (silently -- it was six ay em, after all). McCain delivered denial after denial. Then his wife came on (his wife was there?! Why?) and she denied it. "Ah hah," I thought. (Yes, I really do think "ah hah," sometimes. Occasionally a little light bulb appears above my head, too.) "If his wife is denying it, it must involve hanky panky -- or at least alleged hanky panky." Still, though, they continued this Kafkaesque press conference, never revealing what it was about.

Afterward, I heard about the New York Times story and the controversy it has stirred (apparently the Republicans immediately sent out a fundraising letter, asking for money to fight the liberal media). But when you break away to a press conference in which a presidential candidate and his wife (and possibly his dog -- you can't tell on radio) deny some allegations, how about naming the allegations -- or at least the alligator?

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