Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sakura Taisen-d off

Sakura Wars' Taishō Romandō Shop & Sakura Cafe Closes (Updated) - Anime News Network

How long can a cafe and gift shop devoted to a single video game/anime franchise survive?  In the Ikebukuro area of Tokyo, the Sakura Cafe -- dedicated solely to Sega's "Sakura Taisen" ("Sakura Wars") -- has been around for nearly ten years.  Alas, on March 30, it will close.

The Sakura Wars anime has never really interested me (an alternate history in which an all-woman troupe of performers protect 1920's Tokyo in steam-powered robots?  Ohh-kay . . . .), but Amy and I ate at the Sakura Cafe in September during our Japan vacation, and found it a fun place with pretty good food.  It would likely have been heaven for those devoted to the franchise.  So it goes.

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