Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Fantastic Four vs. The Critics

Well, "acclaims" is apparently too big a word. In 1962, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby predicted a Fantastic Four movie would be a hit. In 2005, the critics are savaging the film in a furious, you-stole-my-childhood manner.

Screw 'em. It's a fun movie. I didn't think it was great, but I enjoyed it.

Incidently, since I'm a lawyer, both of these images are copyrighted by Marvel Comics Entertainment, Inc., or whatever it's calling itself now.

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Anonymous said...

That reminds me of our former B Barer & Sons bookeeper Merle.
who was an avid movie goer.
I'd flip around the channels on the weekend and occasionaly stop on Siskle and Ebert. They would be reviewing some movie and they would give it the double thumbs down and go on and on about how bad it was.
The I would go to work on monday and I would ask Merle how is weekend was and he would tell me he and his wife went to a movie (the same movie Siskle and Ebert reviewed). I would ask him how the movie was and his answere was that it was "awsome" and "he loved it" and the would go on and on about how great it was This happened five or six times over the years i worked with Merle