Sunday, July 31, 2005

Urth to Santa Monica

Amy and I had a terrific brunch today at the Urth Caffe on Main Street in Santa Monica. I had an Italia Cappucino that was astoundingly delicate in taste, complete with a design drawn in the foam on top that nearly lasted through the drink. I also had a Mexican omelet that was far superior than the average egg dish foisted off as a Mexican omelet. Instead of drenching the eggs in cheese and salsa, Urth mixed sauteed green chili peppers into them and filled the omelet with flavor. A green salad and a brioche completed the dish. Amy had a breakfast bread pudding with sliced apples on top that was exceptionally rich, and a superb hot chocolate. On top of the terrific food, the cafe is only a few blocks from the beach. We sat on the front patio and enjoyed a beautiful sea-adjacent summer morning Another plus for Main street, crowded with restaurants: Valet parking.

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