Sunday, July 03, 2005

Line Drive

I'm writing this on my Treo while sitting in a line in the Anaheim Convention Center, waiting for tickets for a concert to be given today by Maaya Sakamoto, a young Japanese pop singer/ voice actress. One might think this a Sunday activity better suited to an adolescent girl (and there are many here) than a 40 year old male lawyer (of which there are unlikely to be many here). One might be right. But one is not the boss of me.

I've always preferred destinations to long trips. But I want to go to this concert. No line, no concert. So here I am.

Anime Expo is a fun convention -- see my previous post. But the most annoying thing about it is so many events require long lineups that they become time-intensive and suck up the time you could spend doing other fun stuff. This is a problem more at this con than at the other major con I attend, San Diego, even tho the attendance here is a third of that at San Diego.

My thumbs are getting tired of typing, so I'll sign off.

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