Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Fastest Man with the Fastest Hands

news from me - ARCHIVES One of the most enjoyable events at Comic-Con every year is the "Quick Draw" contest hosted by Mark Evanier.  The contest features Sergio Aragones (the fastest cartoonist in the world), animation artists Scott Shaw! (yes, he spells his name with an exclamation point), and a third slot that rotates every year.  Mark's blog features video from this year's Quick Draw -- including the utterly amazing schtick Mark and Sergio pull off every year, in which Mark gives Sergio a situation to draw, then tells him to add more and more elements to the drawing until it is a cacophony of cartoons.  Sergio pulls it off -- all on one piece of paper -- and every drawing he does is hilarious.  Some cartoonists spend hours or days thinking up the gags Sergio churns out in nanoseconds.

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