Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's Rob Paulsen's World; We Just Live in It

Here's a video clip I shot at the Saturday voice actors' panel Mark Evanier moderated at the Comic-con. It depicts the amazing voice actor Rob Paulsen (responsible for, among numerous other roles, the voices of Pinky in PINKY AND THE BRAIN and Yakko in ANIMANIACS) performing a jaw-dropping feat. One of the best-remembered segments of ANIMANIACS was "Yakko's World," in which Paulsen, as Yakko, sang the names of every country in the world -- to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance. Now, that was about fourteen years ago. And yet Paulsen can still perform the song, a capella, on command. Alas, I could not start my camcorder in time to catch the first few countries -- but I still managed to capture the rest of the world . . . .

Bear in mind, this song was written shortly after the Soviet Union broke up -- and the number of countries in the world suddenly went up sharply.

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