Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Elegant Cheeseburger Affair

Yesterday I watched the 1968 original version of THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR on video. It reminded me of the embarassingly overpriced BBQ burger I had last weekend at Charcoal restaurant in Hollywood, the one with the carmelized onions and blue cheese crumbles: It was junk food, but it was impressively elegant junk food.

You simply can't find that level of elegant escapism in action movies after the sixties; the combination of '70's realism and the Lucas/Spielberg canon did them in. Of course, in the sixties, people were bemoaning the death of the elegant movies of the '30's and the '40's. And in the '30's, people were likely kvetching about the death of the visual artistry that was the silent film.

Someday, people will regret the passing of the dawn of computer generated, breakneck-edited, artificially-lighted action films of the '00's.

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