Sunday, June 15, 2008

It Would Have Made the King Proud

[Mild spoiler warning for the INCREDIBLE HULK movie]

Those who are familiar with Hulk co-creator Jack Kirby's work know that one of Kirby's specialties was designing fantastic futuristic weapons and other devices in his comics -- stuff that looked like nothing that existed on earth, but which was so well-designed that you could devine its purpose with a single glance.

Unfortunately, the movie versions of Kirby's creations, such as the FANTASTIC FOUR flicks, have not yet duplicated that look in their set design (although the second FF movie was noticeably Kirby-esque in its depiction of the Silver Surfer, and its reproduction of the comic-book sequence in which Doctor Doom acquires the Surfer's powers). Nevertheless, there's at least one scene in the current INCREDIBLE HULK movie that I think Kirby would have appreciated.

Kirby kept up with modern technology, particularly military technology -- likely part of his roots as a science-fiction fan. At one convention, I overheard him relate the story of a sonic weapon that the U.S. Army once tested. He said that the operator of the prototype weapon had been killed in the test.

In one scene in the Hulk movie, the army rolls out a bunch of -- yes -- sonic weapons, which they triangulate upon the Hulk; and which do some damage to the Jade Giant. As one fan pointed out, the sonic cannons look big, clunky, and at heart very much like something Jack Kirby would draw.

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