Sunday, June 29, 2008

San Diego Tori-ism

Blog : A Distant Soil

Comic-Con International:San Diego (which those of us who've been going to it for a few decades just call the San Diego Comic-Con) has featured many musical noteables over the years as guests. The latest is going to be Tori Amos, who will be there to sign her anthology, COMIC BOOK TATTOO. She'll also do a panel about the anthology.

There's been a connection between Amos and comics since at least the early nineties, when her album LITTLE EARTHQUAKES featured song lyrics about Neil Gaiman's comic SANDMAN. Gaiman patterned a tree in his illustrated novel STARDUST after Amos (something that was, alas, left out of the recent movie adaptation); and Amos sang about that on another album.

The news come from the blog of graphic novelist Colleen Doran, who is illustrating one of the stories in COMIC BOOK TATTOO.

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