Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Use a Robot, Go to Jail

The Edge Of Madness - No t-shirt, no flight

Ever since I began traveling by air, which has been about 32 years, I've been warned that the security folks at the airport take any jokes about bombs and guns seriously.  Apparently, I should have warned that they take T-shirts of giant transforming robots seriously.

Yes, this IT-guru gent got stopped by security at Heathrow because he was wearing a French Connection UK Optimus Prime shirt.  (Not only a Transformers shirt, but a fashionable one.)  Scandalized by the two-dimensional firearm the transformed semi was toting, security forced the wearer to change into another shirt.  The above link is to the wearer's blog; but the story was also picked up by the news, including the Beeb.

In my opinion, if mecha-loving folks cannot wear their favorite robots proudly on their chests, then the terrorists have won.
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