Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Grip of the Seventies

Let's forget about the cosmetic demands of the G.I. Joe movie director for now; and watch this reminder of what the real G.I. Joe was up to in the '70's: growing a hair-helmet and beard; and practicing his mighty Kung-Fu Grip.

Remember, kids: Use your Kung-Fu Grip only for self-defense -- never in anger.

After watching this commercial again, I noticed a dimension I missed at first. This was an era where G.I.Joe came in a myriad of different hair colors and complexions, and had a dizzying array of outfits. Yet the two Joes who grapple in the commercial are identical. Same hair. Same face. Same camos. Same mastery of the dreaded Kung-Fu Grip.

This is not a mere battle with a common foe. This is Joe acheiving a higher level of spirituality by fighting -- and mastering -- himself.

Or maybe it's just his evil twin.

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